And then came reading. My first memory of reading fantasy was The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. That led to reading the sequel books. As I grew, so did my love for fantasy. I dove deep into other worlds like 'Pern' (Anne McCaffrey) and 'Punja, the Southron desert' (Jennifer Roberson) and they solidified the hold.

About middle school was when I really put pencil to paper for school projects that included creative writing. Their idea of school work became my idea of fun. At the time, the TV show Sliders and the video game Shining Force were inspirations. After the school projects, I began a fanfic from Shining Force. It sits unfinished to this day though. 

Things took a more creative turn for me when I got into college and wrote a short story that would sit for a few years. Randomly, I picked it up and began outlining ideas for chapters and story arcs. It took a few more years, but an 11 page story was developed into the 'Rain Experience' series which is over 1200 unedited.

When I was writing, rather than conform to Earth's history, I decided it would be best to make up a different world with humans on it. That allowed me to use similarities in culture, but gave the freedom for it to be its own story.

Who is thomas?


Author Thomas W. Everson

First and foremost, I'm a husband and a father, and I adore my family. I started my family early because I knew what I wanted. I learned to juggle family life, working full time, and being an author.

My wife didn't get to read any of my work until I was finished, because I wasn't confident then. But as a  voracious book worm and tough critic, when she gave me the thumbs up it gave me the courage to really put myself our there.

The three of us enjoy many things together, like movies, comics, games, and LEGOs. I'm happy to have passed on the love for imagination to my son, as he loves to pretend with his Star Wars LEGOs.

I work in the aviation industry, inspecting aircraft components for my company. I went to school to get my A&P, and it really paid off in landing me a great job.

My imaginative side emerged when I was young. About Five-ish. I watched a lot of the cartoon classics like Thundercats, Voltron, GI Joe, Ninja Turtles, and my dad introduced me to video games. They spawned that active imagination, and in turn I would reenact the adventures I saw.